Centipeda Cunninghamii


Centipeda Cunninghamii

Centipeda Cunninghamii is a unique indigenous Australian plant which enjoys a revered position amongst the aboriginal people for its soothing, wound-healing and medicinal properties.

We have dedicated years to developing the agronomy and agricultural processes for the Centipeda Cunninghamii plant to ensure the highest quality, sustainable material is available for extraction.

Our patented extraction process captures the phytochemicals responsible for the plant's active properties to ensure we deliver the most potent and effective extracts from this remarkable plant.

As a result of our accumulated knowledge and iIntellectual property on the Centipeda Cunninghamii plant, the Australian Government's Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation ("RIRDC") have recognised the strength of our findings and the need to develop a set of standardised agricultural procedures to create a rural industry built around Centipeda Cunninghamii.

Through collaborative research between Bio Actives, RIRDC and Southern Cross University, Bio Actives aim to significantly advance plant derived natural medicines.


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